In case you are wondering whether you should visit the city of Fes or not, stop wondering because the city is worth the visit for many reasons. If you long for a historical city that made it through a quickly changing world and climate, you are more likely to spend your holidays in a uniquely preserved Moroccan city of Fes.

The three parts of Fes

The city of Fes is made up of three major sections since it has been constructed by many dynasties that ruled the city. These three parts of the city still continue to exist, each one showing how its past used to be and who lived there. In addition to Muslims, The city of Fes used to be home also to the Jews who once fled the hard times of Europe. As a result, the Jews used to live in the city as full citizens; thus, they built their own neighborhoods leaving the city sparkled with their beautiful architecture.

Old Medina

The acclaimed historical Old Medina or Fes El-Bali, is considered one of the oldest cities in the Arab world, it was constructed by the first Muslim Dynasty to rule Morocco, the Idrissids in 789 and 808 A.D. This part stays the most fascinating and captivating one in the far history of Fes until this present moment for its oldness and uniqueness.

Fes Jadid

The less ancient part or what is known for ‘Fes Jadid’ was founded in the 13th century to the west of the ancient one under the Merinids. Fes Jadid includes a Royal Palce, an army base, and a residential area. Just south of the Royal Palace is the Jewish neighborhood or Mellah that shows the greatness of the Jewish architecture. The synagogue Ibn Danan, one of the oldest synagogues in North Africa, built in the 17 century, standing as a symbol left behind to testify the history of peoples who lived in a country urging tolerance and co-existence.

The two entities of the Medina of Fes evolve in advantageous interaction shaping one of the biggest Islamic metropolises marking a great variety of architectural forms and urban landscapes. They incorporate an extensive number of religious, common and military landmarks that achieved a multi-social society. The magic that the Old Medina offers to the world nowadays is the result of 12 centuries.