What to do in Chefchaouen?

Chefchaouen also the blue city is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. Founded in 1471 and it has wealthy history.  actually There are  so many things to do and discover and do in chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen tour

Chefchaouen atmosphere is very relaxed and cozy, something  you cannot find in bigger cities. The tour with a guide would be more beneficial. You will get to learn more about Chefchaouen history ,culture and the stories behind the blue walls and buildings. The medina of chefchaouen is very unique and majestic it has a special charm you will also be able to find souvenirs to buy in local shops.

Akchour excursion

Akchour cascades, situated about 30 minutes away from Chefchaouen center by car. However you will have to walk for couple of minutes before getting to the famous waterfalls. Also the climate is impeccable, you also should visit the bridge of god. The bridge is amazing in the way you will find small snacks that serve tajines,sandwishes and other things. Just make sure to wear sneakers and practical outfits.

Hike in the Rif Mountains

Enjoy a hike in the rif mountains from the fantastic city view  above and appreciate the nature even more. Moreover  Hike in the riff and head to the Talasemtane National park , which is a splandid place. do not just enjoy the moutains from the city streets . When in fact you can   claim there yourself

Plaza uta el-Hammam

Plaza uta el-Hammam is a magnificent square in Chefchaouen ,situated in the heart of the medina . Tt is a mixture of Arab and Spanish impacts. In the plaza Many cafe and restaurent,street snacks are lined. you can chill,read a book or newspapers and enjoy the fantastic moutains , the beautiful nature and the charm of Chefchaouen.

Kasbah Museum

Kasbah Museum is located inside the old medina. Next to the amazing Andalusian green garden. Kasbah Museum is the perfect place to discover various arts that tell stories about history and culture of the beautiful Chefchaouen from musical instruments, poetry to the art gallery, a visit to Kasbah Museum is a must.

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