If you are asking yourself what to


in Fes, I assure you as a resident of the city that there are many things to do and you will not regret your visit. 

Fez excursion day tours
Fez excursion day tours

The Old Medina remains the most captivating spot in Fes. It is a crucial commercial hub for the city, and it harbours beautifully handcrafted products like pottery, leather factories, and ceramics. Hence, it attracts a substantial number of tourists from different destinations every year.
Fes provides its visitors with diverse cultural, artistic and local activities. Regardless of when you visit the city, you will be inundated with what the city has to offer, ranging from attending African, Andalusian and spiritual music festivals, to learning sophisticated local cuisine, to relaxing at public baths and going on guided tours through the serpentine alleys of the old Medina.

While there, you can stay in a Riad, a building that was once home to an extended family. The details of Fassi riads are enchanting and jaw-dropping. Staying in the Road is highly recommended because it tells the story of the city and many Arab values and ideals.
Many historical books have been written about Fes but it is difficult to truly do it justice. It is up to you to visit and observe the city with your own eyes.