What to Wear in the Sahara Desert Morocco

Morocco is one of those exceptional and magical places that gather all the senses at once through tastes, colors, texture, smells, sounds… you can lose yourself in its treasure trove just you have to know what to Wear Sahara Desert Morocco.

If you’re planning your vacation to Morocco, especially, Morocco Sahara desert tours in which many people have been asking what to wear in the Sahara desert? and what to pack for Morocco Sahara desert tour?

Hence to help you prepare for your vacation to Morocco, here are the best tips and everything you need to know. Many people had a great time discovering the Moroccan Desert and with preparation, you can so.

What to Wear Sahara desert Morocco (Sahara Desert).

Since you’re planning your trip out to the desert you need to be sure about what to Wear Sahara Desert Morocco. Being miles away from civilization you have to prepare for any situation you may encounter.


if you only take one piece of advice from this article let be this: Buy a chech (long Moroccan scarf) you’ll need it for sure. During your desert camel trekking you may face sand storms, your camel man can give you the scarf but no guarantees you’d better buy it, he will help you wrap it around your head covering your face and neck, it will also protect you against the heat.

A light jacket: the sun is unbearable during the day, however at night it can get cold so make sure to pack a light jack just in case.

Comfortable jeans or clothes: Riding a camel in the desert will not be more exciting and enjoyable if you’re wearing tight clothes or shorts. Make sure you wear long pant because the camel fur is rough and wearing shorts will not protect your leg. In addition, dress comfortably while traveling by car, it’s the key to enjoy your time because you’ll make quite a few stops.

Hiking boots or sneakers: You don’t have to get new sneakers because you’ll get sand in and inside them. Make sure to pack any hiking boots (closed toe shoes) you have you’ll need them; they are safer when you’ll be walking on sand, climbing up and down camels hiking in gorges and valleys…

Sunglasses: Very important item in the desert to protect your eyes.

Essential Morocco Travel Tips

Take into account while visiting the Sahara desert you need to think of not only what to wear in the Sahara desert but some additional items are necessary that you don’t want to leave home without, here is a list of what to pack:

Back Pack: when you plan for your Morocco Sahara desert tour you have to be sure that you’ll need a back pack because most of the luggage will be left at the hotel. So you’ll need a backpack to put in all what you need (water bottle, camera, light jacket, scarf, hat, sun cream, the roll of toilet paper) during your journey to the desert camp on your camelback.

Digital Camera: This is a very important item you should remember to pack so as to make the best souvenirs.

Medicines and Lotions:

Pain medicines: remember to take any medical facility because, in the desert camp, it will get a while to get back to the village.

Some Allergy medicine, Antibiotic cream, Anti-Diarrhea medicine, Antibiotics… no need for a big box just some strips are good.

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