Unforgettable and Unique Day-Trip from Fez to Taza

The Day-Trip from Fez to Taza is a must-take beneficial opportunity, we both learned a lot about the history of Taza and its great monuments and enjoyed surfing between its walls and sites as well.

Our first destination to this 18th city was Drouj Bab Jamaa. There are about 300 hundred stairs in this site, we enjoyed climbing them while taking Selfies, before the driver took us to a more astonishing and not less fascinating place, namely Friouato Cave. In this cave, we explored a new world underground since we had to wear specific warm clothes and shoes to get ready for this adventure.

During this day-trip, we visited The National Park of Tazekka as well. This green and mostly fresh-air-area was a chance for us to relax and chill down and choose to spend the rest of the day between its trees and fountains.

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