Roses Festival of Kelaat M’Gouna

Kelaat M’Gouna is a small Berber town located approximately 50 miles northeast of Ouarzazate in which a festival of roses is held yearly. Since the festival takes place at the time of the harvest, it doesn’t have a fixed yearly date. However, it usually occurs in the first two weeks of May and lasts three days.

The festival is a great attraction for not only tourists but for also Moroccans coming from other cities to discover all the natural cosmetic products made from the distillation of rose petals, known as rose water. Other products such as perfumes are made with rose essential oil which takes nearly 7,000 pounds of petals to make just 35 ounces of it. Visitors get the chance to tour the country’s largest rose distillery and discover how rosewater and rose essential oils are made.

Throughout the whole year, Kelaat M’Gouna is known for selling the best quality natural cosmetic products that are made with rose water and rose essential oils. In addition, the red buildings of the town offer a ticket back in time as it feels like roaming around a castle that dates back to thousands of years ago. Not to mention the beautiful valley of Dades, the overall experience of visiting this city is indescribable.

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