Morocco Travel Bucket List, Top Things Do in Vacation

Morocco is an exotic getaway destination. The North African nation offers a rich variety of activities whether you’re interested in history, the arts, architecture, food, sports, outdoor adventure or relaxation. There is an abundance of activities for a couple traveling alone, families and furthermore for autonomous visitors. With such a large number of choices, it’s difficult to pick. Our Moroccan guide blog tends to know the 10 best activities in Morocco and Morocco Travel Bucket List. As natives of Morocco, we offer intrepid travelers the perfect explorer guide of where to shop, eat and what to do. 

Fes Souk Tasting Tour 

Fes Food Tour, the souk tasting in the historical Fes Medina. Old world delicacies at your fingertips where you indulge in a food tour. Try traditional street food including Malawi, soups, Harsha, Briwat, olive, spicy potato and sardine, cakes and more…Taste an array of delicious honey and know more about their flavors and natural health medication. 

Marrakech Street Food, Exotic Foods 

 The highlight of Marrakech is Street Food Tasting. Taste Tea as the sunsets over Djemaa El Fna Square. You can make your way through the backstreets and taste Tangia (a Marrakech specialty), Moroccan plates of mixed salads, street food such as grilled sardine, kafta or merguez. Moroccan doughnuts and soups, Moroccan pastries, fresh fruit smoothies and for more adventurous roasted sheep head and spleen sandwiches. 

Bread baking with a local Family or Cooking Class

 Meet a family in the city of Fes. Taste tea with them and bake bread in a local oven made of rock or Clay. Or you can take a cooking Class with an expert chef, bake tagine or couscous, a variety of salads. put your apron on and start cooking like a local, you’ll definitely love this experience. 

Glamping in Morocco’s Desert (Erg Chebbi Dunes) 

 Go on a desert tour experience and overnight in a desert camp in the amidst the dunes far from the touristic zones. Arabian dinner fireplace served as Berber drummers entertain you. Not be missed. 

Take a road journey and meander in the blue city of Chefchaouen 

 Situated in Morocco’s Rif Mountains this little city known as the hidden gem of the North. Chefchaouen was found in 1947 by a Moorish exile from Spain, its blue gleaming buildings and houses are a tradition that originates from the town’s previous Jewish population. Meandering around this blue city is one of the best things to do on a visit to Morocco. It offers a magical experience that makes you feel like you are inside an imaginary storybook from the seventeenth century. Explorers can wander into the old Kabsah that faces the outside of the city’s walls, look for crafted works, taste fresh goat cheese and watch local people doing their daily work. 

Essaouira Coastal Beach, Bumming by the Sea 

 Meander around the Portuguese Ramparts in Old Mogador. View the lovely seagulls as they fly over this historical old castle. Lay down with a glass of grass, visit the beautiful Essaouira medina or bum it by the ocean. Essaouira is the first one for those who need some R&R or a visit to Morocco. 

The Ultimate Hammam Experience

 Indulge in a Moroccan bathhouse where you’ll have the Rosewater Massage and a scrub with Moroccan salts are an essential part of any Moroccan Hammam Experience. Hammams have played an important part in Morocco serving as spots of gathering, ritual cleaning with unique traditions and local products. The larger part of Moroccans visits a hammam once a week. Book a Hammam and Spa experience for both a Hammam and Massage mix choice. Prepared yourself for a well scrub(in a hot room) with a flat glove called a “KIIS”. This is a socially enriching experience. 

Explore Morocco’s Covered Markets

 Visit Craft markets and Spice Souks where you’ll find towers of colorful spices and tiny workshops, authentic craftsmanship. The souk offers both old and new products. Moroccan artworks are an essential part of Moroccan life. There are many covered markets to visit in the old Medina. Besides, Some are covered while others are opened. Covered Markets offer the best insiders experiences for visitors who need to see directly how Moroccans shop look like. Also, the markets in the Medina are a perfect place where you’ll find women who make, wood, linen, wool, embroidery, and clay handicrafts. The covered markets offer an ideal chance to Shop the Souks of Morocco. 

Take a Guided Tour in the Medina of Fes

The Medina of Fes is one of the must-see destinations in your Morocco vacation. With the guide, you’ll explore the oldest university in the world, the largest pedestrian area filled with multiple and unique handicrafts a specialty of “the Fassis” people that you can’t find in other places in Morocco. Fes Medina Walking Tour will take you back in time and feel like you’re in a magical story from the old centuries. 

Sking in Ifrane, the little Switzerland of Morocco 

 A small town in Morocco named Ifrane. Not at all like some other town this little village is situated in the Middle Atlas and has a Swiss Alpine feel. In the winter this place is a  rich wealth for Moroccans who are looking for winter skiing. Ifrane has green cedar forests in spring, winter, and summer. Additionally, The town hosts many students at Al Akhawayn University. Ifrane is an hour from Fes, the ideal escape in summer and skiing in winter. Day Excursion from Fes to the Middle Atlas will introduce you to the charm of this region.